Approach Class

In order to practice the theory into reality, you guys need to test and perform the knowledge you acquire into an action. Approach class means you guys get together and go somewhere in the city to meet up with stranger women and approach them.

This is very important in order for you to apply what you have learnt so far into a real time approach and to absorb experiences with all sorts of types of women. Then when you try to approach your long desired target, you have acquired sufficient experiences with women and you can seduce your long desired target more smoothly.

There are 3 categories of environment of Approach Class (source: various women psychology literatures), namely:

- Static

This is a situation where you and her are in a place for an extended period of time. There is no rush and very little movement. Examples of this type :

* Cafe
* Book Shop
* Super Market
* Library
* Park
* Gym

This static environment is very good for you, her brain is not in a hurry, the frequency is low and could reach a relaxed frequency meaning her logical brain is not too active. In this static situation, it is best to use a situational comment or question to start a conversation. Notice what she is doing or focusing on and ask her a question about it. Examples:

- You buy that beef meat, can you cook it?
- Wowh, psychology book, are you studying psychology?
- etc

If you say something direct, it will come off as too intense and socially awkward. A genuine compliment about her choice of clothing is good. Make sure you use a light, relaxed tonality.

- Dynamic in Static

This is typically a night time social situation, examples:


To work best in this environment is a specific compliment about an effort the woman made to look attractive such as

- You look great in that dress
- I like your hair style

This will convey a sexual intention but are socially acceptable things to say and are light and positive. A good rule of thumb in bars and clubs is to use a light, direct approach by giving a sincere, specific compliment.

- Dynamic 

This situation is where you and her are in motion when there is a very short time window to approach, examples:

*Office corridor
*Bus Stop
*Fast food outlets

To work best in this environment, you can stop her and ask for certain directions (it must be more than 10m far from you). An example:

- Excuse me, you know where seven eleven is?
- Excuse me, you know where is the ATM of Maybank?

These indirect openings are used because you do not know for sure when you meet her if she is a player or a loyal lady. It is safer to use indirect openings. A player lady would not be comfortable if you say something direct, it is too serious. She wants to be playful whereas a loyal lady would appreciate that.

When you look at the eyes of a player lady, she would gaze at other directions, she does not want to invest in you. The same thing with compliment, she would be uneasy and look at other directions. For her it is so serious. She does not look for seriousness, she looks for fun and lightness.

However, if you look at the eyes of a loyal lady, she would look back at you meaning, she wants to invest her energy to you. When you compliment a loyal lady, she would stare at you to make sure if your compliment is sincere. She looks for seriousness and commitment for a long term.

After all of those openings, you must create a flowing conversation using approach strategies and at the end of it, you can ask her number, name or you can make another appointment to meet or you can take her to a cafe, etc.

When you ask her phone number, give your mobile phone and say

I gotta go, type your number here (say it with authority as a dominant male). It means you do not ask her permission to get her number but you as a dominant authoritarian male instruct her to put her phone number into your mobile phone.

If you can get her to a cafe at the same time, instruct her to go with you, examples:

I am going to that cafe, you come with me (use an authoritarian tonality as though you are her boss).



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