Attraction Signs

Women display sub-conscious signs if they are attracted or get horny. Several signs are described below:

1. Hair Playing

When a lady plays with her hair with nervous face, big chance is she is horny to a man in front of him. Beware of hair playing habit, this is accompanied with normal facial expression.

2. Staring

If a lady looks at you more than 4 seconds, it means that she finds something amused to see, meaning that you can get her attention. If that lady stares at you more than 10 seconds, she definitely finds something very interesting in you.

3. Fidgeting

When she talks to you, she is playing with something in her hand showing nervousness. Nervous is a sign of attraction, if a lady is not nervous around you it could mean she doesn't have a spark with you.

4. Nervous Laugh

While talking tou you she displays nervous laughs and giggles and often she laughs although you don't make any joke.

5. Neck Touch

She touches her neck with two fingers and slides them up and down. This shows the sign of nervousness. Neck is a lover's area. She feels an urge to be touched there.

6. Curious

She is very curious about you and really tries to find out more about you through her friends or by herself. When she talks to you, she asks a lot of questions sort of interrogating you.

7. Lip Bite

She bites her lips in front of you with horny face meaning that she cant hold her emotion anymore just about to explode. Beware also with lip bite with worry. The facial expression is different from the horny one.

8. Deliberate Touch

She touches you deliberately or looks accidental but actually deliberately touches you.

9. Sending Regards

She sends regards very often through her friends to you. It means that she has some feeling for you but she is shy to tell you. She uses her friend to tell you.

10. Nervous

She is very nervous in front of you and doesn't know what to do or what to say.

11. Stalking

If you meet her quite often every where you go, there is a chance that she is following you around. It will be scarry if you don't like her. This level of curiosity is an obsession. She can't control her desire anymore.

12. Long Chatting

When you chatt with a lady and it lasts more than 1 hour, it means she is comfortable to chatt with you. Beware that you could fall into her text buddy trap. However, if she chatts with you for trivial things, it is a sign that she wants to chatt with you romantically.

13. Candy/Gifts/Food

She offers you candy/gifts /food out of the blue and left you wonder, what is going on. When it happens frequently, it means she wants to know you more or she is playing with your mind to create attraction.

14. Phone No.

She gives you her phone number or she asks your phone number, meaning she wants to get in touch with you.

15. Space Invasion

She invades your personal space which is closer than 60 cm from you.

16. Smile

If you find a lady smiles at you frequently when you two meet or if a lady tries very hard to give you the most beautiful smile that she ever makes, the chance is she falls for you. You must be able to notice and compare the smiles that she usually makes and the smiles she makes just for you.

If you get the ordinary smiles from her, i.e. the smiles that she gives to everybody else, the chance is she just being polite.

17. Check Out

When a lady checks you out, she does find something interesting in you. Her attention is shifted towards you for that moment. Her primal desire is pushing her to do that subconsciously.

If this happen frequently, certainly there is chemistry she feels for you.

18. Jealous

She is jealous when you are in a close proximity with another female.