Beta Males

Beta males are non dominant males, naturally guys whose primary tempraments are non choleric (fire) are Beta meaning they are not dominant and tend to be weak. Usually beta males are not successfull with women and wealth. Alpha males are much wealthier than Beta males since Alpha's natural temprament likes to control and dominate wheras Beta natural temprament likes to be controlled and reluctant to dominate.

However, we may see Beta males get successful with women and wealth why? These beta males changed themselves, the trained themselves to dominate and to control. They seek teacher to teach them how to change their nature so that they become Alpha males. As said before, a Beta male can be trained to be an Alpha male with certain methods in the realm of psychology and neuro science.

So guys if you find yourself to be in Beta males characteristics, you can change for the better.

Beta males tend to display weak and submissive body language and are often unaware they are doing it. To become an alpha male you must avoid the following acts of body language that beta males usually display (source: alphamale lifestyle literature) =

·             Crossed arms. A sign of defensiveness.

·         Stiff posture. A sign of nervousness.

·         Looking down. A sign of weakness. A man that looks down at the floor a lot is usually seen as shy or timid.

·         Fidgeting. A sign of nervousness and anxiety. Fidgeting can include shredding or playing with items, sitting on or hiding your hands, playing or twiddling with your fingers, biting finger nails, tapping your feet etc.

·           Slouching shoulders. Indicates a low self esteem

·         Blinking too much. This shows that you are anxious.

·         Touching your face when talking. This shows that you are indecisive, feel shy and that you are thinking too hard.

·         Nervous facial expressions. Avoid biting and licking your lips, and twitching your nose.

·         Smiling too much. Smiling at every little thing signals to other men that you are not a threat.

·         Avoid / maintaining eye contact. Shows that you are feeling insecure or uncomfortable.


Beta males are too afraid to take risks and leave their comfort zones. They automatically look at the possible consequences, especially the negative ones. A beta male may have a dream or goal in life but is scared of change and never takes action. A non-risk taker will:

·         Always stay in the same job or career, even if he doesn’t like it.

·         Never try something different.

·         Never be adventurous.

·         Fear making mistakes.

·         Be perceived as boring.

·           Never achieve his dreams.

Beta males are unwilling to make their own decisions, are too nervous to lead conversations and therefore allow others to lead for them. A follower will:

·           Not have a personality or identity.

·         Always follow trends to try and fit in.

·         Never make decisions.

·         Never make suggestions.

·         Always need guidance by a leader.

A beta male will always seek approval from other people. He constantly needs assurance and hopes that people like him. A man that seeks approval will:

·             Hope that he is entertaining.

·         Hope that he is funny.

·         Always end sentences with, ‘what do you think?’ or ‘is that ok?’

·         Be scared to say no.

·         Always ask for permission.

·         Always turn his head quickly when someone wants his attention.


Beta males will stare inappropriately at women. Beautiful women know that they are attractive. Only submissive men turn their heads and stare at women. Checking out every hot woman you see shows desperation and that you probably don’t get much sex.

A beta male lacks self confidence. It is one of the main differences between a beta and alpha male. A person that lacks self confidence will do the followings:

·         Give reasons for his actions.

·         Try to be a perfectionist.

·         Display defensive body language.

·         Always reply to criticism and become defensive.

·         Always worry about the future.

·         Become critical and rarely see a positive in any situation.

·         Always hate the way he looks.

·         DIfficult to make decisions.

·         Suffer from social phobia and shyness.

·         Doesn’t look after his appearance. Doesn’t exercise, has an                     unhealthy diet, poor dress sense and badly groomed.

·         Always makes excuses in life for things he can’t do.

·         Is very insecure and cares about what others think of him.

·         Always apologises if he thinks he may have offended someone.

·        No admissions of past mistakes.

·         Shy to meet new people.

·         Sensitive to criticism.

·         Talks too fast – This indicates you are anxious, low self esteem

·         Uses filler words such as umm / ah in-between sentences.

·         Mumbles and talks with a monotone voice. 

·         Takes too long to respond to a person’s question. 

·         Talks too fast – This indicates you are anxious, low self esteem

·         Uses filler words such as umm / ah in-between sentences.

·         Mumbles and talks with a monotone voice. 

·         Takes too long to respond to a person’s question.

·         Always try to prove that he is better than other persons. 

·         Always try to please other people.

·         Get jealous very easily. 

·         Give up after failure at first attempt. 

·         Get angry easily.

·         Desperate to have a girfriend.

·         Afraid to touch women.

·         No control in bed.



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