Boredom Signs

Psychologically, when you are exposed to something for a long period of time, you would feel bored and tired of it. A woman will feel this too when she is in a relationship with a man after a certain period of time, the consequence of this is she may seek new flame that is long gone. The period may range from 3 months to 10 years.

Find the signs below so that you guys can be aware of and be prepared:

She no longer tries to talk to you
When she feels bored with you, she will talk to you as minimum as possible because she is not interested in interacting with you.

She keeps a distance from you
She will avoid you, there is no spark to see you. She will find excuses to go away from you. You will have difficulties to see her and to contact her.

She disobeys you
She tries to say no to your statement quite often and she does the opposite of what you suggest very frequently. Her sub-conscious tries to detach herself from your influence.

She refuses to see you
She says no when you want to see her explicitly. Even after you try to see her several times. She always says NO.....(sub-consciously she is not interested to see you anymore).

She seldom contacts you
Contact initiation is always from you, she hardly tries to chatt with you or sms you anymore. She loses interest to interact with you.

She short responds your texts
When you text her, she will reply, YES, OK, NO, ALL RIGHT, LATER, TONITE and other short responses.

No Heat Discussions
Fights are healthy for a relationship as they keep things interesting. But if she is too bored to fight with you, she is so bored with you.

She has more interest with her friends
She is excited at the prospect of spending some time with her friends away from you.

She is seeing someone else in front of you
She is involved in a romantic relationship with another man and she shows it to you.