Fancy Clothing

You must get clothing which is shiny and mix and match. The colour of your trousers and shirt or T-shirt must have a nice looking combination. A red shirt will attract attention from all ladies for sure. For office use, try to collect shirts with a composition of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. This combination is so fancy to wear.


Shirts and jackets with super hero logos as well as soccer clubs will boost your level of dominance in front of women.

Super heros films and movies depicts strength and masculine figures. Women watched those movies and in their sub-conscious, the figures are entrenched. You only borrow the association of masculine and strength on your shirt. When women see you in that logo, their brain will certainly associate you with the super heros sub-consciously. They will feel thrilled and melt down.

Famous soccer clubs are shown frequently on television, newspapers and other media. They win trophies and the players become celebrities. This is so dominant.


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