Women aim for single guys

This is partially true. The chance of getting a woman's heart is equally or even sometimes unfairly distributed between single guys and guys in relationships. A guy who is in a relationship with a woman tend to display a relaxed manner. Why is it so?

A guy whose got a girlfriend or a wife, he doesnt feel the urge anymore, he is stable and relaxed and this will be reflected in his daily manner. You know what?? ladies love relaxed guys, they seem so cool and not needy or clingy.

So guys not in a relationship should act relaxed, this can be trained with affirmations.

A singer in a band for example can have multiple dates with lots of ladies, ladies are still attracted to guys in relationships or even married guys. Attraction activates the lymbic system in our brain in the area of temporal lobe (mid section of the brain). This area doesnt recognize married men or single men. If this area is activated, although you are a married man with 4 children, a lady will still aim for you for her sexual partner. 

Sometimes even this lady who aims for a married man tries to make him divorced so that this man can be owned by herself alone. So cruel isnt it? On one side a lot of lonely guys, but on the other side a lot of married men get sexual relationship with ladies.


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