Friendzone Signs

You guys must be aware if the lady you are after is cornering you to the friendzone, it means she does not want you romantically or sexually. She will display signs to you sub-consciously.

1. She gets bored

When you both are in a conversation and you make a joke, she said that your joke is not funny and she displays an uninterested facial expression.

2. She gives a lot of excuses

When you try to ask her out, she gives you a lot of excuses, such as she must tidy her place, wait for her dogs, see her great grand mum, fixed her television

3. She matches you with her friend

She woud say something like this to you:

''You know, I got a female friend and she is very pretty, I will introduce you to her how about that?''

4. She is happy being lonely (without you)

She would say this frequently to you :

''I am very happy at a moment without any man by my side''.

5. She uses the friend word

Pay attention, when she uses ''friend'' word frequently to you, she is not interested to be romantically involved with you, she wants to friendzone you.

An example :

''Oh please, you know that I am your friend right'' or
''Hei, dont worry man, I am your friend and always be''.

6. She praises other men

When you talk to her, she very frequently praises other men.
2 examples:

- ''You know, Andrew Chen is very sexy and rich, I think you cant match him''.

- ''Look at that dude over there, he is so handsome, I am willing to spend a night with him''.

7. She is ok to leave you with her friends

While you hang out with her and a friend of her comes along, then she leaves you there it means that she is ok if you hang out with her friend. The underlying meaning of this is the lady that you are after is willing to lose you to her friend there is no protective shield to guard you off her friends.

Subconsciously she says in her mind, ''I am not interested in him, let my friend devours him''.

8. She is often not focused on you

When you talk to her she looks around very frequently, i.e. not focused on you. Her mind is wandering around, she is juz not interested to talk to you.

9. She forgets things about you

She is juz not interested to know anything about you and does not care to remember the details about you. She juz forgets what you say or do.

10. Short responses

She responds to your texts but it takes a long time and the responses are short. It means you are not important to her. Sometimes she does not respond to your texts at all.

11. She told you her romantic stories with other men

She is so open with you and tell you stories about her romantic relationship with other men or even worse her sexual experience with other men. This simply means you are her buddy, she opens everything. She definitely will not say a word about her romantic relationships with other men to a man that she really likes romantically. She will hide it deeply so that that man will not know at all.

12. She cries to you about her romantic relationship with another man

You listen to her crying about her man hurting her feeling and you become a shoulder to cry on for her.