Level 1 - Touch With Reasons

Touching with reasons. This is acceptable to all adult females if you touch them with reasons but the touch must be directed at her accupressure points triggering her sexual arousal. Several examples you can apply:

- She wears a nice dress (or even an ordinary dress) and you compliment the dress is nice and at the same time you rub her upper arm up to her shoulder back and forth.

- Massage her shoulder tenderly to relieve her stress while saying, "let me relieve your stress''.

- Pick her hand and scrutinize it while saying , ''you have tatoo?''

- Draw something on her shoulder with your finger and say, ''can you guess what is this?''

- Play thumb wrestling. This is very easy and very fun.

The purpose of this touch is to familiarize her with your touch and if even at this level she feels good, she will initiate the touch not you for the next time. By touching her with reasons we plant in her subconscious that she feels comfortable with our touch. The examples above is only for guidance, you can create your own.


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