Neuro-Psychology Approach

The terminology has the basic meaning a combination of 2 branches of science namely Neurology and Psychology. This new combination branch is relatively new but the research progress is very advanced. I limit the scope of the article just to the extent of how we use the research results to seduce women.


Plethysmograph reading

A recent Neuro-Psychology research using a Plethysmograph applied to heterosexual  female subjects revealed positive sexual arousal when the subjects are presented with the following:

1.  Naked male photograph alone.

2.  Naked female photograph alone.

3.  Sexual intercourse between a man vs a woman video.

4.  Sexual intercourse between a man vs a man video.

5.  Sexual intercourse between a woman vs a woman video.

6.  Sexual intercourse between a male monkey vs a female monkey video.

The conclusion of the research is a heterosexual woman has a wider band of horny stimulation source compared to a heterosexual man. A heterosexual man will get aroused when presented with No. 2,3,5 only.

Plethysmograph is a device to measure blood flow at certain areas of animal organs. The usage is widely spread in the field of medicine.

In this chapter we will discuss several aspects of approach strategy to women using Neuro-Psychology. Let us dive in :