Seductive Body Languages

We will discuss several body languages that will make women go crazy.

1. Drink from a bottle while standing

This will create a perception of masculine and bad boy. Do this in front of a woman and glance your eyes to your target, hold it until she looks back at you afterwards glance your eyes to different direction.

2. Dominant Sit

When you sit on a chair, occupy the most space you can, do not let the chair surround you but you surround the chair.

3. Confronting Sit

While you talk to her and you want to stress your conversation, try to move towards her while you sit in a manly manner.

4. Straight Chest and Face Walk

While you walk, the chest must be straight and walk confidently. Do not walk bowing down also your face must be straight. Never look at the floor.

5. Rubbing Body Parts

While talking to her, you purposely and deliberately rub your chest, your stomach, your thigh, neck but she must see that. This is to make her feel as if her body parts are being rubbed indirectly. Your body part being rubbed must be the erogenous zones.

6. Chew Toothpick

Interact with her with toothpick in your mouth or straw. Chew and play it in your mouth. This activity triggers a wild and badboy image in her brain. She will love it sub-consciously.

7. Sport Motorcycle Riding

When riding sport motorcycle, your body language resembles mating position, this will arouse a woman's brain sub-consciously.

8. Insert Hands in The Pocket and Chest

Use the body language as the picture below, looks cool and masculine. Masculinity will drive women crazy. Put your one hand in the pocket and the other hand hold your chest. You can do this while walking too.

9. Napoleon Hidden Hand

Insert one of your hand underneath your shirt from chest to stomach area. This hidden hand is mysterious. Women crave uncertainty and mysteriousness.

10. Dominant Look

Nothing more seductive than a look of a dominant male. This look is very hard to imitate because it is brainwave state sensitive. It can be trained using psychology techniques. You can have a look at the picture below and try to imitate the photo. A lady will will be nervously aroused if you can give her this look. Actually, the energy of the look and the brain wave of the man penetrated the woman brain and sub-consciousness.

11. Hair Brushing

Brush your hair with your hand back and forth several times while talking to her or while walking. This is very seductive, it triggers arousal in women's mind. Also this will make your hair more neat.


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