Emotional Roller Coaster

This means we need to excite a woman emotion negatively then positively in a very short period of time. Psychology experts call this Fractionation, this involves emotional swing in a very short period of time from negative to positive or vice versae. This method will give a deep emotional amplification. The target will feel as if she is attached to you deeply. I give you strategy examples as follows:

Pinch Her Nose
So that she feels hurt but do it playfully. Remember you must make her feel hurt (negative emotion). After pinching her, you give her her favourite snack and you say to her : " This is specially for you, your favourite snack. I want you to be happy" (positive emotion).

Intrigue Statement
If you meet her, say a compliment of her appeareance (positive emotion), continue your compliment with a complaint of her appeareance (negative emotion).



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