Temprament-Based Approach

In this discussion, we need to distinguish the two poles of tempraments, namely strong temprament (choleric primary) and the other pole is called weak temprament (sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic primaries). Why is this important? We must know that the choleric ladies are not easy to deal with even after you get her to date you or marry you, she will try to dominate your life and if you dont understand you will get frustated. This method is based on various authors of physchology books.

On the other hand, the weak temprament ladies are much easier to deal with and more flexible and to some extent, they can obey you thoroughly and fully if you can play the tricks. In this part we assess 3 components of a woman's life namely:

- Does the woman have strong or weak character? strong is choleric primary, weak is non choleric primaries (see female tempraments chapter for this).

- Is she loyal or player? You can look into her eyes when talking, if she suddenly looks at another direction, she could be a player. If she look back at you she wants to invest her time for you, then she is a loyal woman.

- Is she open to sex or closed to sex? open ladies may have tatoo, smoke in public areas and wear sexy clothing revealing her thigh, arms or even chest. If a lady wears clothing covering her thigh, arms and chest, she may be a closed lady.




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