2. Strong, Player, Closed (SPC)

-  Strong means the lady has Choleric in the primary temprament. 
-  Player means, she likes to try several men at a time, she is not loyal. 
-  Closed means she is closed to sex, i.e. she does not free her sexual   energy permeating in her sub conscious.

SPC is the most difficult lady to deal with, from research, this type of lady usually starts to have a romantic relationship in her late 20's. She hangs out with men all the time, she behaves like a man. For her men are her mates and her friends so that she friendzones a lot of men and she is not aware of it. She can relate to the masculine way of thinking.

She protects her emotion strongly, i.e she does not want to invest her feeling to one man because she protects her emotion. She is scared to get extremely attached to a man once she lets her guard down.

She is uncomfortable with too intensity and romance at first. She would prefer to keep the conversation on situational topics rather than too personal. No drama, this strong character lady hates drama. Drama will turn her off. She likes NatGeo and Discovery channel. When you ask her to see drama movie she will go to sleep.

From Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myer 16 tempraments, the ones that fall into this category are Choleric Melancholy (CD)Choleric Phlegmatic (CD), Pure Choleric (CD), Choleric Sanguine, Choleric Sanguine Melancholy. CD stands for Cognitive Dissonant which is deviation in certain behaviours from the natural behaviour. This is due to environmental influence or handed down from ancestors.

Do not try to lead this type of lady, she is a choleric, you must try to be her partner but a dominant partner in a real activity.

In order to seduce this type you need to excite her emotion using 2 stimulus back and forth. 

1. Dedication Stimuli
Interact and talk to her as though you dedicate your self to her. Talk about work or school and ask '' why '' questions. It means you try to like her story. You can talk about your career goals, you must be seen to have goals and directions in your life. Talk about how you and her have the same goals.

You must also, as questions like

- You have dinner?
- How is work today?

This is to show that you devote yourself to her.

2. Comfort Stimuli
Talk about subjects such as dogs, school, work,sports, travel. She is juz like one of your guy friend. No sexual chat at a moment it will make her nervous. Treat her like a person, a team-mate and partner. Share an activity together and also try different venue.



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