5. Weak, Player, Closed (WPC)

-  Weak means the lady has non-Choleric in the primary temprament. 
-  Player means, she likes to try several men at a time, she is not loyal. 
-  Closed means she is closed to sex, i.e. she does not free her sexual energy permeating in her sub conscious.

This type of lady typically modestly dressed and tends to be secretive about her personal life. This one of the most difficult type to conquer. She likes to collect men in her orbit but not give them chances to get in. She responds to a man who does not need her more than she needs him. She must want you more than you want her. You must be  a dominant, casual romantic who saves her from endless failed dating.

She wants a man who will arouse her, seduce her, take her, tame her and leaver her wanting more. She won't tell you what to do, she juz sits back and observes what kind of man you are. She likes drama movies but not too much, casual drama movies will be the best.

From Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myer 16 tempraments, the ones that fall into this category are Melancholy Choleric (CD), Melancholy Sanguine, Sanguine Melancholy, Sanguine Choleric, Sanguine Phlegmatic, Phlegmatic Sanguine, Phlegmatic Melancholy (CD), Melancholy Phlegmatic (CD), Phelgmatic Choleric (CD), Pure Phlegmatic (CD), Pure Melancholy (CD), Pure Sanguine. CD stands for Cognitive Dissonant which is deviation in certain behavior from the natural behavior. This is due to environmental influence or handed down from ancestors.

In order to seduce this type you need to excite her emotion using 2 stimulus back and forth.

1. Little Game Stimuli
When talking to her don't direct compliment her beauty, she will feel uneasy. Comment on surrounding environment, compliment her talent, her intelligence, her work, etc. She doesn't like intense and direct approach.
You must be playful with her. Tease her and intrigue her, redicule her.
You must confuse her, active disinterest. Appear unpredictable and uninterested in her sexually. Excite her emotion negatively or positively.

You could say something like:

- You are very smart
- Your shirt is bad but you look nice
- You hair smells not good but well groomed

2. Turn On Stimuli
You stand a little closer to her than usually and still hide your sexuality. Ask her any questions and normally comment on them. Act you dont care that much. Focus eye contact is important. You also can touch her with reasons to excite her (please see kinesthetics chapter). Be genuinely interested in her goals.



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