6. Weak, Player, Open (WPO)

-  Weak means the lady has non-Choleric in the primary temprament. 
-  Player means, she likes to try several men at a time, she is not loyal. 
-  Open means she is open to sex, i.e. she let her sexual energy           permeating freely in her sub conscious.

This type of lady likes to chase the man. She wants to be the one who chooses and chases the man. She has the strong urge to attain the unattainable guy. She is mostly attracted to what she can't have. When in sexual relationship with a man, she is very horny. She heats up fast and cools fast. Her attention span is short because she loves to be excited and nothing is more exciting than novelty and risk. You must take advantage of her impulsive nature.

When she finds a guy she likes, usually it doesn't last long. This lady is more likely to sleep with a guy juz because he is hot, it can be well dressed, confident, nice smile. She likes to try different men and loves the newness of stimuli.

She loves romance but not too deep also drama but a casual drama. She is more down to earth. Do not engage in deep conversations at first, you must try make her feel silly and playful.

From Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myer 16 tempraments, the ones that fall into this category are Melancholy Choleric (CD), Melancholy Sanguine, Sanguine Melancholy, Sanguine Choleric, Sanguine Phlegmatic, Phlegmatic Sanguine, Phlegmatic Melancholy (CD), Melancholy Phlegmatic (CD), Phlegmatic Choleric (CD), Pure Phlegmatic (CD), Pure Melancholy (CD), Pure Sanguine. CD stands for Cognitive Dissonant which is deviation in certain behavior from the natural behavior. This is due to environmental influence or handed down from ancestors.

In order to seduce this type you need to excite her emotion using 2 stimulus back and forth.

1. Little Game Stimuli
She needs to be excited adventurously. She does not respond to sexual attention right away. Comment on surrounding environment or ask for directions firstly. Be happy, energetic, playful and dominant. Smile and look at her eyes when you talk to her.

Use fun and dominant touch (see kinesthetics chapter). Praise her intelligence and unique talent if you already know her. Do not compliment her beauty and physical appeareance at this stage.

2. Turn On Stimuli
Do not be overtly sexual, ask normal questions about her life, school, friends. When she says something interesting, touch her as a reward, this will make her turned on than any other words. After she is paying attention, you can be more aggressive in approaching her. Use kinesthetics tactics to touch her.



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