8. Weak, Loyal, Closed (WLC)

-  Weak means the lady has non-Choleric in the primary temprament. 
-  Loyal means, she likes to be attached to one man at a time. 
-  Closed means she is closed to sex, i.e. she does not let her sexual energy permeating freely in her sub conscious.

She lives in the realm of hopes and ideals, romance and fantasy. She wants to nurture and change a man from bad to good, once you are domesticated, she gets bored. If you stay a challange, just a bit out of reach, a bit out of her feminine influence, she will be warm and emotionally support you.

She has in her mind that some day she will find the Prince of her dream and she will marry him forever. Her loyalty tends only towards imagination. In the reality, her loyalty is easily disturbed beacuse she is weak. The weak tempramet lady tends not able to hold on to her standards strongly. She has long term hopes.

You must convey that you have long term plan with her. The potential of a long term relationship is the foundation of everything. It is ok for you to meet other women when you meet this type of lady at first but if you try to lie or cover it up, she will lose all hopes of a future with you. A relationship for her is founded on honesty, romantic and platonic. She is very sentimental and feminine. Melancholy loves drama very much, drama movie would be good for her but the Phlegmatic will only be ok to drama movie (not too intense as the melancholy).

Her extreme sentimentality and emotional sensitivity requires a counterbalance, i.e badboy. This type of lady is so attracted to badboy because she needs strength and mystery from a man. When she meets a man who catches her interest, she immediately begins to see him as a candidate for long time partner.

From Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myer 16 tempraments, the ones that fall into this category are Melancholy Choleric, Melancholy Phlegmatic, Phlegmatic Choleric, Pure Phlegmatic, Phlegmatic Melancholy, Pure Melancholy.

In order to seduce this type you need to excite her emotion using 2 stimulus back and forth.

1. Turn On Stimuli
You must be direct and honest, compliment her beauty, her face, her appeareance, her curve. She must feel that you totally focus on her with strong eye contact.Example phrases :

- You have the most beautiful eyes in the whole world, I like it so much
- Your smile spans like a rainbow in the rain, so gorgeous and natural
- You are beautiful, I can't think straight
- Your are so sexy, your curve is so hot

2. Little Game Stimuli
Find out about her as much as you can. Be mysterious, do not reveal too much about yourself. Keep your energy mellow and dominant, your emotion is stable and unaffected as a whole. Talk about your plan with her in the future. Teasing is very powerful at this stage, keep it light don't tease too much. Example phrases:

- Your face is so cute like a litte girl hoping for ice cream
- Your shirt is do dull but fits on you very well
- You have beautiful hair but it smells a bit


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