Failure With Woman

In this chapter, we will discuss reasons and aspects why a lot of men fail to seduce women they desire much. The followings are aspects of failure mainly derived from the author experiences and several woman psychology books:

- Not Her Type
Some women have standards they hold in order to find the best mating partner. Melancholy women tend to pursue perfection in physical appearance (handsome, macho, tall, etc). Choleric women tend to pursue social status and social dominance. Phlegmatic women tend not to have standards at all or hold their standards very weakly. Sanguine women also tend not able to hold their standards.

If you are not her type, she may show uninterested signs or what we call friendzone signs. She will corner you to the friendzone pool if you can not manage it.

- There Is No Chemistry
What it means is when she meets you, she does not feel any spark of romantic and sexual urge. You just turn her off for some reasons that she just does not understand. Usually because you are just being a beta male.

- Too Kind/Timid
Kindness is a sign of submissiveness, a beta male trait. Although it is good but in a woman mind, if you are too kind, it means you are not dominant.

- Too Obidient
You comply to all of her requests making her the leader in the game. When she resumes a leader position, she will lose her attraction to you. Remember she is built by nature to be a weaker variant of the species. If you are too obidient, she will look for other men who are not obidient to her.

- Insecure
The insecurity comes from your mind due to a lot of reasons. For examples : you are not decisive, too worried, too afraid, too shaky.

- Clingy
You are attached to her too much. You always be there when she is around, she is being monitored too much.
- Needy
Needy behaviour means that as men we feel that we are hopeless, she is the one and only girl that you always dream, you do not have options.

- Possesive
She is treated as a personal belonging, you guard her everyhwere. You become jealous out of nothing. She is being suspected for every move she makes.

- Not Confident
Confident is sign of alpha male. A leader, a master. She desires a dominant figure. As a man if we are not confident, then she will cut her loss fast.

- Pleaser
You please her too much. Buying expensive things, drinks. Trying hard to please her. Offering her to do her favour too much.

- Social Pressure
Her friends do not want you. A bunch of her friends who get along with her everyday will influence her mind. If they disapprove your presence, they will influence her and she will be influenced. She will go away from you.

- Parental Pressure
Her parents may have significant influence on her decisions. For choleric lady, her parents pressure will not be heard too much. She is stubborn. For melancholy, sanguine and phlegmatic ladies, parental pressure is dominant. She tends to obey her parents too much.

- Sabotage
Someone close to you or her try to separate you and her by all sorts of ways. Creating intrigue is very common. This can be due to jealousy or other reasons.

- Options
She is very gorgeous and she has various men trying to seduce her. She has a lot of options and you are not good enough with your knowledge of seducing her.

- Lack of Emotional Control
During an approach, most of the times a man becomes emotional. Emotion is the function of mid brain, it can not assess and judge the situation logically. Thus if you become emotional during an approach, mostly you will crumble and fall because emotion clouds your logic.

- Lack of Knowledge
This means you are not well trained in the seduction game. You are clueless and do not know what to do, you can only experiment your steps of actions without any significant results.

- Lack of Experience
You are a beginner in the seduction game. No previous experience or only limited number of experiences. For sure without enough experience, you will face difficulties and hurdles.


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