Friendzone Annhilator

Here is the chapter for you guys who are drowned in the swimming pool of friendzone mainly based on actual experience of the author and R Judge literatures. would like to describe the agony of being drowned in such a swimming pool. You guys who don't have the knowledge of approaching woman, frequently jump into a friendzone swimming pool and you are drowned forever in it and most of times, you don't know how to get out of the swimming pool of friendzone.

In your mind, you want to get out, but you don't know how. Nobody seems able to help you whatsoever.

The most risky method to get out of the swimming pool of friendzone is 
CONFESS YOUR FEELING FOR HER. This is most likely will lead to an awkward relationship but I am telling you guys, this stuff worked for author ages ago. However, the author of suggests DO NOT EVER DO THIS, DO NOT.


1. Create A Distance

Disappear from her a little bit. 

- Do not talk to her
- Do not answer her call
- Do not text her
- Avoid her if you meet her
- Refuse her invitation

Psychologically, this will create a mystery within her and she may start guessing what is going on. This is very good. You can catch her attention.


2. Spark Jealousy

Approach another girl, but make sure she knows it. She must know that now you are close to another girl. You can fake it if you want, ask a female friend whom you trust.

3. Change Your Appearance

You must change the way you look, you must present a different man to her so that she can not recognize you by a glance and you must present yourself as a dominant male, read Alpha Males chapter.

- Have a different style of hair cut (ask a stylist to cut your hair differently in a masculine way)
- Change your clothing (see Dominant Traits chapter)
- Shape your body, do some exercise (see Dominant Traits chapter)
- Wear a pheromone perfume (see Approach Strategy chapter in the Neuro Psychology sub menu)

4. Approach Her with Strategy

Perform this step after you have done the previous steps. Read the Approach Strategy chapters and apply them to her.

5. Touch Her

To build romantic attraction, you must touch her. How to touch women chapter explains this in detail. Train yourself to touch her at the sensual accupressure points in her body. This will drive her crazy.

6. Kiss Her

This is the final test whether you are really out of the friendzone swimming pool. Only do this after you pass Kino Level 2. This Kino level is the threshold of the situation of you and her. When you pass Kino Level 2, you can kiss her. Do it slowly and gently.



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