Nasal Arousal

Romance and sexual feeling can also be triggered by smell. Aroma therapy is used widely in the field of medicine to relieve anxiety and stress. Certain smell may trigger certain reaction in the brain chemical.


The renowned aromatic substance to invoke sexual feeling is called Pheromones. A lot of pheromones products are sold around the world but endorses the most top quality product. The systematic work of pheromone perfume is described below:

2 products which will give you best results (but they are quite costly) :


Oxytocin is one type of hormone produced by our brains. Also called the cuddle hormone. When our brain release this hormone, we will feel very close to something or someone.

In the market there are perfumes complimented with oxytocin so that you can create a feeling of strong bond with the lady you are after. suggest the following product for you guys:


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