Approval Seeking Switch

In this strategy we need to create situations where you become the leader and she is the one who seeks approval from you. You guys need to program in your mind that you are in control of everything. Beware that choleric temprament women will find this challanging since they are leaders. You must let go all approval seeking behaviour such as:

- Feeling insecurities
- Feeling absurd
- Feeling not confident
- Feeling sorry to hurt her
- You become a nice boy 
- etc

Please read Beta Males chapter for further details. A lady finds a confident man so sexy and by being confident you flip her approval seeking, you make her your slave and servant. Below is one of game example you can use:

Dominant Game

This trick is you pretend to be a king and a ruler. This is based on a teaching of one of the prominent seduction guru. Use the following phrases as conversation games:

- I think we are not meant for each other, we should not go out on a date. You can go out on a date with that man over there (point at another dude).
- Sorry lady, you are fired from my team, I will hire another lady to replace you.
- Ok, now I hire you as my private secretary, you must obey all my orders.

Use commanding words when talking to her such as

- Give me your number
- You, follow me
- Come here now
- We go now
- etc

This trick works very well with a lady who has phlegmatic temprament in the primary and secondary.



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