Make Her Curious

In this trick, we can play our game to the target. Several examples that can be used for this are described below:

- Nana Candy

The name as implied, we use candies to flirt with a lady. The term Nana comes from a name of a lady who played this trick to the author of when he was in Senior High School age. This game of her resulted in deep profound effect on him and this trick was very useful to release the bait.

You buy some candy and then give it to the target, repeat this every day for 3 days and then stop on the 4th day. Repeat this on the 6th day for another 2 or 3 more days and then stop again. Psychologically, this will trigger her emotion and anticipate things from your action. This is a psychological game.

- Jealousy Game

Approach her friend and talk to her friend smoothly in front of her and ignore her. Every now and then take a glance at her and treat her friend very specially so that it will ignite her jealousy.



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