4. Strong, Player, Open (SPO)

-  Strong means the lady has Choleric in the primary temprament. 
-  Player means, she likes to try several men at a time. 
-  Open means she allows her sexual energy to permeate in her sub-   conscious.

No drama, this strong character lady hates drama. Drama will turn her off. She likes NatGeo and Discovery channel. When you ask her to see drama movie she will go to sleep. Do not try to lead this type of lady, she is a choleric, you must try to be her partner but a dominant partner.

This is the  most masculine lady in the whole world. She likes to conquer men and perpetually chases him. You don't have to play any games juz talk to her as a normal person, you will be seen as different. There is no need to chase her. You juz need to be a dominant and confident man talking to her ordinarily.

From Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myer 16 tempraments, the ones that fall into this category are Choleric Melancholy (CD)Choleric Phlegmatic (CD), Pure Choleric (CD), Choleric Sanguine, Choleric Sanguine Melancholy. CD stands for Cognitive Dissonant which is deviation in certain behavior from the natural behavior. This is due to environmental influence or handed down from ancestors.

In order to seduce this type you need to excite her emotion using 2 stimulus back and forth. 

1. Dedication Stimuli
Approach her with high confidence, casual, emotionally stable. Talk to her ordinarily. No smooth talk required juz casual normal talk. Juz simple talk. It means you devote yourself to her by being confident.

2. Comfort Stimuli
You need to relax and let go of neediness. Create a comfortable situation with her by talking ordinary things. Talk to her as though you talk to your best male friend. This will make her comfortable around you. She has masculine energy inside and like to be treated as a man.


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